2014 Summer University

Computer Science and Communication Systems (CSCS)

July 7 – 29, 2014

Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-Vd)

SWISS-flag     Switzerland

Today’s scientists and engineers are increasingly working in an international environments. Cultural diversity and communication in different languages are an enrichment of our work environment but they can also present challenges.

The goal of the International Summer University is to allow students from Switzerland, the United States and India to work together in an international environment to:

  • gain understanding of different cultures
  • allow students to develop a professional netwrok in Europe, in India and in the US
  • encourage students to pursue part of their studies or professional career abroad

Following the success of the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions of the International University in Computer Science and Networking, a new edition will take place in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Advanced courses in the field of information technology will be taught in English by professors from SJSU (San José State University, California), PES-IT (India) and HEIG-VD (Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud).

This program rich in cultural and scientific exchange is undoubtedly beneficial, even necessary for future engineers. In addition to the academic program, students and instructors will participate in cultural activities in order to foster cultural exchange between all participants.

Schedule from Geneva/Zurich Airport to your apartment (to adapt to your arrival time)

Presentation of the concept (.pdf)

For Swiss students

  • 20 hours/week of classes (4 courses)
  • Replaces a « cours à choix » (6th semester)
  • Required level in English: B2 or higher
  • Required technical courses: Object Oriented Programming and Networking notions
  • You should be a regular student at HEIG-Vd, 2nd year (Bachelor)
  • English refresher: April 21-25, 2014
  • A certificate of completion will be delivered to each student, with grades

Testamonies of students

  • Being able to network with students of similar interests and going on trips with them were great!
  • Great program should be encouraged to be taken by other students
  • A unique opportunity that was given to me to meet students from the otherside of the world and to immerse in California and in the Silicon Valley.
  • Awsome!
  • Totally worth it.
  • A great experience with great encounters. Three weeks with only amazing memories.


Place: HEIG-Vd, St- Roch, S107
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  • EPFL-Logitech
  • Green Day
  • CERN: Take the train to Geneva Cornavin, then the tram NFT 18 to Meyrin (CERN). At 12:30 in Restaurant 1. Map
  • Olympic Museum, Map



  • Prof. Stephan Robert (Academic Program Coordinator), stephan dot robert at heig-vd dot ch
  • Prof. Laurence Larghi, laurence dot larghi at heig-vd dot ch,
  • Ms. Myriam Troenli Verratti myriam dot verratti-troenli at heig-vd dot ch
  • Ms. Lina Garcia lina dot garcia at vd dot ch


Faculty: Prof. Thomas Austin, Prof. Cay Horstmann, Prof. Alvaro Monge, Prof. Jon Pearce, Prof. Stephan Robert

Students: Cédric Radureanu, Bruno Brito Carvalho, Yann Malherbe, Sarra Berrich, Arnad Desclouds, Nicolas Butticaz Leal, Quang-Dung Ngo, Raphael Martins Mas, Nguyen Phuong Le, Nicholas Redman , Shubha Ranganathan, Brent Johnson, Bisma Janjua, Christy Eicher, David Le, Srikanth Narahari, Yang Pang, Denis Ivanov, Ryan Eager, Antuan Alvarez, Ivan Gartner, David Garcia, Steve Hong, Ian Goegebuer, Mary Kate Ham, Gustavo Yepes, Israel Torres, Karina Rosales, Gyngai Ung, Anushree Prasanna Kumar, Srinidhi Shankar Habbu, Srinivas Naik, Prashasthi Prabhakar, Varshini Ramaseshan


  • Seven Languages in seven days (Prof. Horstmann, SJSU)
  • Social Networking in Artificial Societies (Prof. Pearce, SJSU)
  • Persistence API’s (Prof. Monge, CSULB)
  • Security of Web apps (Prof. Austin, SJSU)

Past Courses

  • Multiprocessor Programming (Prof. Englert, CSULB)
  • Constraint Programming (Prof. Ebert, CSULB)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Games (Dr. Feldmann, HEIG-Vd)
  • Computer Graphics Applications (Prof. Teoh, SJSU)
  • Scala (Prof. Horstman, SJSU)
  • Image Processing (Prof. Kocher, HEIG-Vd)
  • Introduction to CUDA programming (Prof. Robert, HEIG-Vd)
  • Multicore and concurrent programming (Prof. Dasguptha, ASU)
  • Web technologies (Prof. Monge, CSULB)
  • Java EE6 for Elvis (Prof. Horstman, SJSU)
  • Machine Intelligence (Prof. Andrès, HEIG-Vd)
  • Linear and Non linear Image processing (F06a, Cheseaux, map)(Prof. Kocher, HEIG-Vd)
  • Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing (Prof. Liechti, HEIG-Vd)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (Prof. Sami Khuri, SJSU)
  • Eco-Computing (Prof. Pearce, SJSU)
  • Introduction to Python (Natasha Khuri, SJSU)
  • Spatial localization and identification of objects based on video streams (Dr. De Siebenthal, HEIG-Vd)
  • Wireless Network Security (Dr. Rubinstein, HEIG-Vd)
  • Computer and Network Security (Prof. Dasguptha, ASU)
  • Search Engines, Open Source Software (Prof. Horstman)
  • Global Software Computing (Prof. Collofello, ASU)
  • Service-Oriented Computing (Prof. Chen, ASU)
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities (Prof. Buchs, HEIG-Vd)
  • Rich Internet Applications (Prof. N. Khuri, SJSU)
  • Agent based systems and Object Oriented Modelling (Prof. Pearce, SJSU)
  • Development of data centric J2EE Web Applications (Prof. Monge, CSULB)
  • Grid Computing (Prof. Courelis, CSUF)
  • Malware analysis (Prof. Buchs, HEIG-Vd)
  • Evolutionary algorithms (Prof. S. Khuri, SJSU)
  • Distributed computing (Prof. Englert, CSULB)


SJSU Faculty and Students: Ochettes


Chemin des Berges 14
1022 Chavannes-près-Renens
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CSULB and PES-IT Faculty and Students: Triaudes


Chemin de Triaudes 18
1024 Ecublens
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Emergency numbers

Police, 118
Fire brigades/pompiers, 117
Vital emergencies/Urgences vitals, 144
Non-vital emergencies/Urgences non vitales, 0848 133 133
Poisonings/intoxications, 145