2011 Summer University

Entertainment programming

July 4-29, 2011

California State University, Long Beachcsulb1csulb2

Today’s scientists and engineers are increasingly working in an international environments. Cultural diversity and communication in different languages are an enrichment of our work environment but they can also present challenges.

The goal of the International Summer University is to allow students from Switzerland, the United States and India to work together in an international environment to:

  • gain understanding of different cultures.
  • allow students to develop a professional network in Europe an the US, and to
  • encourage students to pursue part of their studies or professional career abroad.

Following the success of the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 editions of the International University in Computer Science and Networking, a new edition of the Summer University will take place in Long Beach, California, USA. Advanced courses in the field of information technology will be taught in English by international renowned experts from SJSU (San José State University, California), CSULB (California State University Long Beach) and HEIG-VD (Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud), located in the French speaking part of Switzerland.
This program rich in cultural and scientific exchange is undoubtedly beneficial, even necessary for future engineers. In addition to the academic program, students and instructors will participate in cultural activities in order to foster cultural exchange between all participants.

This International Summer University 2011 in Computer Science is jointly organized by HEIG-VD, CSULB and SJSU. It will be held during 4 weeks from July 4 to July 29 at Long Beach, California, offering courses in Computer Sciences and Networking. Company visits and talks given by guest speakers from the industry will be an essential element of the program.

Each participating University has the option to provide participating students with elective units of academic credit in their major.

Specifics for Swiss students

  • 20 hours/week of classes (choice of 4 courses)
  • Replaces a « cours à choix » (6th semester)
  • Required level in English: B2 or higher
  • Required technical courses: POO and TIN/PDR or equivalent (TLI)
  • You should be a regular student at HEIG-Vd, 2nd year (Bachelor)
  • English refresher: April 25-29, 2011
  • A certificate of completion will be delivered to each student, with grades

Schedule, activities

CSULB Web site
Preliminary schedule (.pdf)



Courses and seminars

July 4-15

Multiprocessor Programming (Prof. Englert, CSULB)
Constraint Programming (Prof. Ebert, CSULB)
Artificial Intelligence and Games (Dr. Feldmann, HEIG-Vd/HES-SO)

July 18-29

Scala (Prof. Horstman, SJSU)
Image Processing (Prof Kocher,HEIG-Vd/HES-SO)
Introduction to CUDA programming (Prof. Robert, HEIG-Vd/HES-SO)

Past Courses

Multicore and concurrent programming (Prof. Dasguptha, ASU)
Web technologies (Prof. Monge, CSULB)
Java EE6 for Elvis (Prof. Horstman, SJSU)
Machine Intelligence (Prof. Andrès, HEIG-Vd)
Linear and Non linear Image processing (F06a, Cheseaux, map) (Prof. Kocher, HEIG-Vd)
Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing (Prof. Liechti, HEIG-Vd)
Introduction to Bioinformatics (Prof. Sami Khuri, SJSU)
Eco-Computing (Prof. Pearce, SJSU)
Introduction to Python (Natasha Khuri, SJSU)
Spatial localization and identification of objects based on video streams (Dr. De Siebenthal, HEIG-Vd)
Wireless Network Security (Dr. Rubinstein, HEIG-Vd)
Computer and Network Security (Prof. Dasguptha, ASU)
Search Engines
Open Source Software (Prof. Horstman)
Global Software Computing (Prof. Collofello, ASU)
Service-Oriented Computing (Prof. Chen, ASU)
Web Application Vulnerabilities (Prof. Buchs, HEIG-Vd)
Rich Internet Applications (Prof. N. Khuri, SJSU)
Agent based systems and Object Oriented Modelling (Prof. Pearce, SJSU)
Development of data centric J2EE Web Applications (Prof. Monge, CSULB)
Grid Computing (Prof. Courelis, CSUF)
Malware analysis (Prof. Buchs, HEIG-Vd)
Evolutionary algorithms (Prof. S. Khuri, SJSU)
Distributed computing (Prof. Englert, CSULB)






  • Academic Program Coordinator: Prof. Stephan Robert, stephan.robert at heig-vd dot ch
  • Local Coordinator at Long Beach: Prof. Alvaro Monge, amonge at csulb dot edu
  • Program Coordinator: Raffael Maio, raffael.maio at heig-vd dot ch


Agarwal Bhavish, Alvarez-Horine Rafael, Ashfaqul Mohammed Islam, Ayer Eliot, Baird Joshua, Beauverd David, Botev Nikolay, Chatelain Cédric, Collet Stéphane, Frattino Christophe, Gardiol Jérôme, Herrera Jose, Hsu Tiffany, Jakob Nicolas, Kamdem Yves Jérôme Tagne, Lachausse François, Lin Chenshih, Madireddi Sonali, Madrigal Mario, Maffina Romain, Martinez Richard, Masson Christian, Michielin Julie, Moegli Thomas, Mueller Christian, Napenas Gilbert, Paxton Eric, Perilla Diego, Rais Cédric, Reussner Matthieu, Rossé Quentin, Roch Julien, Shintaku Keith, Vibert Sandy, Villet Sylvain, Ya Jia, Zeni David.


Testamonies of students

  • « It was awesome !!! Just do it ! You won’t regret it. »
  • « This kind of experience is unique and it’s very interesting to meet people who work in the same area but from different countries. »
  • « Great accommodations, very good teachers and I met a lot of new interesting people. It’s a huge opportunity to go study abroad because it’s a chance to discover a new culture, learn new stuff about computer science, meet a lot of interesting people and get better in English. »
  • « One of the many highlights of learning during this program was the opportunity to work in group projects. This not only diversified our way of thinking about the given problem at hand but also enabled us to culturally interact with the other students. I would definitely recommend a similar summer university to my peers and to my juniors in college. I have already taken a few seminars with my junior batches in my college highlighting the events, learning opportunities and the holistic experience of the Summer University. Everybody was very excited about such a program and asked me further details. I honestly feel that this program has opened up new horizons of thought for me in terms of learning, applying and implementing. I have learnt as much from my professors as I have from my peers and it has been a valuable experience . I would want other students too to have such an enriching experience. »
  • « It’s an amazing opportunity to meet people, make friends from abroad, travel and start building your own network. I had the opportunity to be part of the program 2 years in a row. This year I was looking forward to meet again my friends from California. Some of them are now working for big company like NASA, Cisco, Thales, … So I was able to have “private” visits which were really interesting. If you want to work abroad someday, this program is for you, even if it takes place in Switzerland. If you are unsure, ask people from previous year about their pictures 😉 »
  • « The enthusiasm demonstrated by all visiting and resident students was inspiring and uplifting. The collaboration necessary to succeed in these challenging courses is an important lesson learned. »
  • « Friendly, accessible staff. Relaxed atmosphere. Lots of opportunity to interact with others. Fun activities. »
  • « It is an Awesome Experience. And I already DID recommend it to a couple of my friends. »