Summer University 2015 at San Jose

« A great way to learn people from different cultures and be able to assist lectures that are not like the ones in Switzerland. »

« A wonderful opportunity to experience mixed culture friendship along with some valuable lessons. »

« The Summer University Program should be one of items on your bucket list. Don’t miss it for anything! »

« Being able to network with students of similar interests and going on trips with them were great! »

« Great program should be encouraged to be taken by other students »

« A unique opportunity that was given to me to meet students from the otherside of the world and to immerse in California and in the Silicon Valley. »

« Awsome! »

« Totally worth it. »

« A great experience with great encounters. Three weeks with only amazing memories. »

Big data (medical dashboards)

Because of the increase of the health care costs, (public) hospitals and clinics must seek efficiency in their daily activities in order limit their operational costs and provide the best possible care to their patients. Though hospitals and clinics generate lot of data and reporting, they are not yet fully harnessing the real power of their data. This project will deliver a solution to analyse their data and provide them the right insights to better drive their operations and increase the satisfaction of the patient.

Summer University 2014, Lausanne

« The strongest point, without hesitation, was the networking. Getting To meet so many students that are in the same work domain as myself was benefic. This summer university has widely opened doors of opportunities for my future professional career. »

« Altogether it’s a different enriching experience. Meeting new people and learning about their culture was the best part in this program which we do not get to do if we visit the country for just tourism. »

« The country itself is amazing, and I felt extremely fortunate to have my visit their heavily subsidized. The academic work was on par with my experiences at University in California, and the accommodations (specifically the housing and rail pass) made the entire trip very comfortable. I was particularly lucky to choose a lab partner with whom I got along very well, and visiting his family over the final weekend of the program was the highlight of my trip. I learned a great deal about Switzerland and its culture, and I definitely plan to return. »

« The whole thing was perfectly organized. It was indeed a great experience to study along with students from different countries. Cultural events and food was organized very well. Everything everywhere was very clean and neat. The level of importance and priority the Swiss people gave us was enormous. We were always treated very kindly and like one of their own. We got all the help we needed. Food, accommodation, cultural events, Communication regarding Higher Studies with different Lecturers and program organizers motivated the students to do their masters in Switzerland, Europe. I am inspired to do my masters now. I would like to thank each and every one who was involved in organizing, helping, coordinating the event wholeheartedly. Special thanks to Dr. Stephen Robert for coordinating the whole event for the Computer Science Summer University. I would be eagerly waiting for future Summer Universities abroad. »

« The program not only gave me an opportunity to interact and attend lectures of experts, but – most importantly – gave me an understanding of the culture and lifestyles of students and people of Switzerland and US. The program was very rich in technological and cultural exchange. It helped in bringing about a holistic development in me. The classroom atmosphere was very different from that we have in India and was great experience. The French course was very innovative. The course on Eco-computing was something new and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the cultural activities and the excursions/picnics where I got to know each other (teachers and students alike) more informally. These also helped me get a closer look at the rich Swiss culture and traditions. The trip to Moleson, Gruyere and Broc with friends, where I got to taste the authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue and Chocolates is one of the best trips I had in my life. I was very much touched by the hospitality of the Swiss. Their friendly nature, be it a fellow student or the lady in the canteen or a stranger on the street, made me feel very much at home. »

« Awsome! »

« Totally worth it. »

« A great experience with great encounters. Three weeks with only amazing memories. »


Randonnée dans le parc de la Vanoise

Le parc national de la Vanoise : un espace ouvert à tous (extrait du site

Le Parc national de la Vanoise est un espace ouvert, en accès libre.
Il n’est pas un parc d’attraction clôturé, avec des droits d’accès payants et des heures d’ouverture.Il n’est pas non plus un espace de consommation : les visiteurs et les habitants se doivent de le respecter et de ne pas laisser de trace de leur passage.

Un espace pour tous : visiteurs et agriculteurs. Des activités humaines, en particulier pastorales, sont exercées sur le territoire du Parc depuis des siècles. La présence de ces acteurs locaux et de leur activité au sein du coeur du Parc sont légitimées dans le cadre de la préservation du patrimoine culturel et naturel. Ils sont une partie de la richesse de la Vanoise.Vaches de race Tarentaise

Les alpagistes et leurs troupeaux ont leur place dans le cœur du Parc.Leurs activités nécessitent la mise en œuvre de moyens et de techniques adaptées.De ce fait, le visiteur ne devra pas s’offusquer de voir des choses qui lui sont interdites, mais qui sont permises aux agriculteurs.

Un écrin protecteur du coeur : l’aire optimale d’adhésion. Le parc comprend 2 zones : le coeur et l’aire optimale d’adhésion (voir également la carte interactive).L’aire optimale d’adhésion n’est pas soumise à une règlementation spécifique au Parc.Dans l’aire optimale d’adhésion : vous pouvez donc vous promener avec votre chien, cueillir des fruits ou des fleurs, camper … en respectant les droits des propriétaires et les autres réglementations en vigueur, notamment municipales.