WhiteBoard Seminars


  • March 1, Mathematics of Machine Learning, Part 1, Félicien Heche, PhD candidate
  • February 20, Analyzing train punctuality using AI methods and tools, Pierre Dominguez, Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) candidate


  • June 22, SIA-REMU: project research status, Félicien Hêche, PhD student
  • February 25, Final Presentation of the InnoSuisse project ALEA with Netguardians, online. 


  • September 8, Poissonization and Fano factors, final internship presentation, Ewa Strumilowska
  • August 27, Ensemble learning for banking fraud detection, Jordan Mercier
  • May 28, Random Forests and XGBoost, final internship presentation, Matilde Audrey
  • May 27, Poissonization and Fano factors, midterm internship presentation, Ewa Strumilowska
  • May 14, LSTM & GRU, final internship presentation, Ankit Panda
  • March 30, LSTM & GRU, midterm internship presentation, Ankit Panda
  • February 25, Time Series Analysis for Fraud Detection, final internship presentation, Giulia Moschini